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Those who intend to become Consolata Missionaries undergo a continuous and gradual process suitable for the various stages of formation and the degree of maturity of the individual. The fundamental dimensions of all stages of formation are: human maturity, intense spirituality, intellectual training, and formation in pastoral ministry and internationality. At the end of the theological and religious studies or specialization for brothers, we send students for pastoral Year before Final vows and ordination to Deaconate.

We have Four Seminaries or Formation Houses in Kenya:

  • Blessed Allamano Formation House (Propaedeutic) in Nyeri for 1year orientation programme
  • Consolata Seminary in Nairobi for Philosophy and Religious Studies for 3 years
  • Consolata Novitiate in Sagana for 1 year
  • Allamano Formation House for Theological Studies for 4 years

Candidates to priesthood

  • Propaedeuticː one year
  • Philosophyː a three year course.
  • Novitiate ː one year
  • Theology ː a four year course
  • One year of missionary experience

Candidates to Brotherhood

  • Propaedeuticː one year
  • Three year course for specialization in a professional field
  • Three year course in religious, theological and pastoral studies
  • One year of missionary experience

Candidates to sisterhood

  • Orientation to Religious – Missionary Life: One year
  • Theological-Pastoral Studies: 3 – 4 years
  • Postulancy: 1 year
  • Noviciate: 2 years
  • Pastoral Experience: 1-2 years

Fathers, Brothers and Sisters

This include:

  • Good health, both physical and psychological
  • Good academic capability, usually not less than C⁺ in KCSE and in Uganda, three principal pass or 12 points UACE
  • Serious commitment in the parish and school / college fraternity
  • At least one year of vocational discernment

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